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Fencing / Partition / Machine Guarding

Our guarding range is based on the Global Automate profile system and offers functional machine housings, enclosures and protective fences. Their flexible, modular design ensures that systems, machines and production areas can be secured effectively and economically.

Partition / Door

aluminium profile partition


  • Structure in 40x40 Anodized Aluminium Profile.

  • All Components in fencing systems can easily be disassembled and reused.

  • Simplified design and installation guard any industrial application.

  • Any combination of elements and systems possible.

  • Excellent Aesthetic.

  • Any layout is possible.

  • Pre-fabricated installed onsite reducing engineering & labour cost.

Customisation Options

  • Panels available in different width.

  • Panel material - Acrylic, Aluminium composite panel, welding partition, Glass and many more.

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